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Raven Hart Interview

Posted by Michelle on February 14, 2008

Raven Hart is another author who has come to our attention on the forum, when her book, ‘The Vampire’s Seduction’ was mentioned in a vampire thread.

Those of us who have read it really enjoyed it, and are eagerly awaiting the next book in the series, due out next March.

Q. Paranormal novels appear to be popular at the moment, especially those involving vampires. Why do you think vampires have had a rise in popularity, and what made you choose them?

A. I can only tell you why I love them, and I’m guessing I’m a pretty typical paranormal reader. I love vampires because they’re seductive and powerful, but tragic because they’re cut off from the grace of God, often through no fault of their own. They’re no longer part of humankind and are often conflicted because of their evil natures. They’re the ultimate outsiders. And who hasn’t felt like a misfit from time to time? That’s why I chose to write about them. I’ve always found them fascinating!

Q. How would you pitch your particular vampire books to someone who hasn’t heard about them?

A. I tell people that “The Vampire’s Seduction” is about two very different vampires-one southern aristocrat and one NASCAR-loving good old boy. They don’t get along particularly well, but they need each other to survive and to protect the humans of Savannah from the evil, un-human element that lurks in the shadows. The book has lots of horror, humour, and sex.

Q. When you started writing The Vampires Seduction, did you always intend it to be the start of a series of books?

A. Oh, yes, from the very beginning.

Q. The Vampires Secret is due out next March, and the third book is already underway. Can you give us any clues as to what will happen to William and Jack in these next two books?

A. Book two ends with quite a nail-biting finish (if I do say so myself), leaving someone near and dear to William and Jack in serious jeopardy. Book three has William travelling to London (with a brief but bloody detour), while Jack takes care of business at home, which is no small task. Major new characters are introduced in both books.

Q. After you’re done with these two, do you intend to carry on within the same genre, or write something different?

A. I hope to continue the Savannah vampire books as long as the readers want to read them. I also have a werewolf series fermenting somewhere in my brain and a more mainstream psychological, dark comic novel that is a few chapters along.

Q. How long have you been writing.. what was the first story you recall writing, and do you still have it?

A. I have been writing since I was a kid. I think I finished a mystery story in the ninth grade but I don’t know whatever happened to it.

Q. You originally wrote with author Virginia Ellis.. is it easier to share ideas with another writer, or to write by yourself?

A. It’s harder in some ways and easier in others. It was easier because you’re only doing half the writing and you can pick up on your partner’s ideas and build on them. It’s also harder because you have to coordinate what you’re doing so closely with another person. You can’t go off on any tangent that your imagination takes you on because of the effect it might have on the direction your partner is taking with her bits of the story.

Fortunately, Gin and I communicated very well and liked each other’s ideas. We almost never disagreed. Tragically, as many of the readers may know, Gin passed away earlier this year from a cardiovascular problem. I miss her every day, but I know she would approve of me continuing the series.

Gin and I alternated scenes. I wrote from the point of view of Jack and she from William. We completed book two before she died and from book three onward, I will be writing both parts. I know William’s voice as well as I know Jack’s thanks to Gin having made him so vivid, so I really haven’t had a problem writing both for book three.

Q. How long on average does it take you to write a book?

A. About six months, but I just recently quit my “day” job so I hope to get faster!

Q. Do you enjoy reading for relaxation? If so, what are you reading at the moment, and what are some of your favourite books or authors?

A. I love reading, and I wish I had more time for it. Believe it or not, I’m reading “The Vampire’s Seduction”! I know that seems strange but I need to remind myself of all the details that we set up in the first book so I won’t contradict myself in the third. For example, I don’t want someone’s eyes to change colour. Or worse! I have a famously poor memory. For example, I will get what I think is a brilliant idea for the ending of a book and when I go to plug it in my outline, it will already be there!

As far as vampires are concerned, my favourites are L.A. Banks’ “The Vampire Huntress” series and Barb and J.C. Hendee’s “Noble Dead” series. My favourite overall horror writer is Phil Rickman. Some of my mystery/suspense favourites are Carol O’Connell, Dennis Lehane, Carl Hiaasen (a MUST-read if you like comedy), and James Lee Burke.

Q. Finally, moving away from writing, where are your favourite holiday spots, and which country would you most like to visit?

A. Where I live here in Georgia I’m only a six-hour drive from the Gulf of Mexico and a couple of hours from the mountains, and I like both. Gulf of Mexico beaches are beautiful but sadly have been decimated by hurricanes through the years. When I was young, I remember the sand was very white and almost fluffy in texture, unlike Atlantic beaches which are gray and hard-packed. As for the mountains, you can drive from my home to places like Cherokee, North Carolina, where you can see beautiful scenery and real native Americans.

My most favourite trip ever was to London and I’d love to go back. I’m not just saying that because this is a UK-based board! Honest! I got to spend a week there many years ago when my cousin was in a foreign-study program at university (or “in college” as we would say over here). I think the Tower of London was my favourite part. Gotta love those ravens!

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